BOLD seeks to expand discussions, techniques, and tactics applied to community building for associations and support communities and their CEOs, CMOs, and builders at scale.

How can we design meaningful and long lasting communities?

What are the design processes and interventions to take your community to the next level?

BOLD is a series of interactive workshops focused on building stronger, more loyal communities.

THANK YOU to our presenters and attendees for making our September 2019 workshop a smashing success!

KiKi L'Italien

Rebecca J Tiffany

Corey Brown

Geoff Livingston

Paul King

Marjorie Anderson

Luke Zimmer

Mali Phonpadith

Aaron Spicer

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With BOLD, we will share what we have learned in our work with creating stable, successful, and sustainable communities worldwide for associations and companies, organizations of all makes and models.

Learn from fellow community builders and communicators who will teach you how to communicate and design your community better.

“Whatever the problem, community is the answer.”

– Margaret Wheatley