Corey Brown

Current: Knucklepuck, Former Co-Founder Squidoo w/ Seth Godin

Corey Brown is a catalyst that builds thriving businesses and communities over and over again.


Corey will be drawing on his past ~30 years of getting it right with empowering others to create their own deeply connected digital communities between real humans and doing a deep dive on one of his successes, No Treble, a thriving online community of over 220,000 bass players, including bass lessons, new gear, expert columns, news, bass videos, and more.


“I’ve been working with Corey Brown every day, seven days a week, for the last nine years. He has been a collaborator, instigator, trafficker of all things. He’s invented, trimmed, expanded and motivated. He has been a COO who acted in all ways like the co-founder that he is… Corey’s diligence and ethics go hand in hand. He’s able to do the right thing even when the pressure is there to bend or find a shortcut. And his ability to find and lead a small cadre of loyal people is extraordinary.”- Seth Godin

“A strong community connects people not only to the hub (the organization) but also to each other (through the hub).” – Corey Brown


Corey Brown is the Director of Web Services at Knucklepuck (Knucklepuck acquired his agency, Coreyweb LLC, in 2018). Coreyweb worked with brands including Chico’s FAS, The Wire Cutter, Pyure Brands, The Reset, and more.

Corey offers expertise from over 24 years of designing, inventing, building, leading and tweaking successful websites spanning publishing, e-commerce, social platforms, and user-generated content. He’s also a WordPress evangelist and enthusiast, working exclusively with that platform as a CMS.

Corey is the CEO and founder of No Treble (notreble.com), now the most read magazine for bassists, online or off. No Treble reaches over 200,000 people a month, with over 220,000 Facebook fans.

Corey was the COO and cofounder of Squidoo.com, the popular user-generated content platform he started with Seth Godin in 2005. Squidoo consistently ranked in the top 200 sites for traffic in the U.S, and at one point reached the rank of #35. HubPages acquired Squidoo in August 2014.

From 1998-2003, Corey was the CEO of Solutions Factory, a web strategy, custom content, design, and development firm based in the Washington, DC area. Solutions Factory worked with companies including Raytheon, Time Warner Cable and Columbia Energy Group on a wide range of web-based initiatives.

During the go-nuts-now, make-money-later 1990’s, Corey still managed to run the highly profitable web division of Another Universe, where he designed and led development on a contextual commerce platform. He also led business development on e-commerce partnerships with The Sci-Fi Channel, Marvel, and Sony. Corey was one of the first to use Paul Graham’s Viaweb, soon generating the highest sales of all Viaweb stores.

Corey has been staring at a computer screen for hours on end since the 1980s (first, a VIC-20). To keep his eyes from crossing, he spends time goofing off with his daughters and granddaughter, playing bass and piano, and tinkering with his always growing list of new ideas.

Corey’s Latest:

“My favorite part of community is learning about the people inside the community, connecting with them (and each other), and putting them in the spotlight.”

– Corey Brown

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