KiKi L’Italien

Co-Creator of BOLD, Host and producer of Association Chat & Founder Amplified Growth 

KiKi L’Italien is the connector of the association industry and is the lead resource for many within this space for everything a professional organization may need to build a vibrant, BOLD community.


Scholars link trust in communities to stronger volunteerism, healthier lifestyles, and economic prosperity. But in an age of dwindling global trust, how do you create strong, sustainable and lasting communities that display curiosity, diversity, and loyalty?

 Successful brands, institutions, and movements count on five essential elements. But of them, trust is the most important.

 In this talk, KiKi L’Italien shares what you need to know in order to build a lasting, successful trust-based community built for today’s business environment.

“KiKi is the preeminent voice for associations and the place the association community goes for honest, unfettered conversations.” 
– Robb Lee, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Communications Officer, American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)


KiKi helps people connect with each other to build communities and ideas. She combined 16 years in branding and marketing strategy with 10 years as the leader for an online community called Association Chat to create Tribes and Trust, a purposeful model for communities and our role in them. Today, KiKi researches the science of community and the role of trust. She is a strategist and keynote speaker who consults with companies and nonprofits on how to build stronger communities that last.

As a component relations professional, KiKi has researched what works in making people feel the value of community. What inspires them to join in the first place. And what keeps them coming back. 
As a digital strategist, she built a career around creating communication that helps messages to be seen, compels people to act, and helps people feel understood.

“KiKi is the Oprah of the association industry.”
– Richard Yep, CEO, American Counseling Association

KiKi’s Latest:

“I think the industry would have a big void to fill if we didn’t have KiKi and Association Chat. She is our just-in-time resource every time we’re looking for that new idea.”
– Stacy Tetschner, CEO, United Motorcoach Association (past CEO of National Speakers Association 1991-2017)

“I think it’s time we take tech back and use it to create the strong communities that it is capable of – and for that we need to understand a little bit more about trust and how we are using our tech today.” ”

– KiKi L’Italien

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“Understanding the necessity of healthy tribes, what they are made of, and learning how to cultivate trustworthiness could improve your quality of life, light up your bottom line, and transform the society we live in for the better.” – KiKi L’Italien