Marjorie Anderson

Founder, Community by Association

Marjorie Anderson is a community management pro and she’s going to share what she’s learned matters most in building thriving communities.


Marjorie will be diving deep into how to build, engage and scale a community program and ensure you’re impacting business objectives. She believes that community discussions as user generated content and teaches how to maximize those conversations using “Champions” within your community.


Marjorie Anderson is the founder of Community by Association – a digital resource and online community for community managers in associations which publishes content bi-weekly – and is the Manager of Digital Communities at Project Management Institute. She believes that community doesn’t just bring people together, it has the power to transform organizations and change how we work, communicate, and innovate. Since 2017, Marjorie has contributed to the development of the State of Community Management research, a long-standing research report by The Community Roundtable which provides a yearly outlook on the state of the profession and its influence within organizations. She has been featured on the Community Signal and Conversations with Community Managers podcasts, Association Chat with KiKi L’Italien, was a speaker during SURGE Co-Creation through Association Success, and has written for Associations Now magazine.

“Connect members with other members so they can engage with each other. ”

– Marjorie Anderson

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“Understanding the necessity of healthy tribes, what they are made of, and learning how to cultivate trustworthiness could improve your quality of life, light up your bottom line, and transform the society we live in for the better.” – KiKi L’Italien